Welcome to U-T-S-germany.de  

Umwelt- und Technologie- Service GmbH, located in Stuttgart- Germany, develops work processes and produces appliances for the construction and recycling industry.

Our principle is based on the economic and ecological processing of materials of any consistency, on site and at the construction site as an alternative for landfilling and procurement of external material.

External matter in unscreened input material is usually not a problem for our minuition,- processing- and mixing units.

Preparation of land, with and without rocks, is usually done for one of the following purposes:

  • Soil stabilization with and without bonding agent
  • including minuition of mineral input materials
  • breaking up the soil
  • soil airing
  • soil homogenisation

Material can be prepared as required with or without addition of binding agents, additives, liquids etc.